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Why do I need a consultation?

With so many Internet resources, including blogs and chats, it is possible to find free answers easily. However, a consultation with us will provide you with details and recommendations based on your specific case. We will assess your case and ask the questions necessary to find relevant facts assisting the application and find alternatives that may otherwise not be considered. We can also find potential pitfalls and mistakes.

Why should I hire a migration agent?

Immigration rules are regarded to be the most complex area of Australian law. A migration agent can save you time and money by looking at your needs and ensuring your chosen immigration strategy will lead to the desired outcome. Migration professional can also make sure your application is complete and thorough to avoid delays or refusal.

Why do I need to use your services?

We will assist you in a professional and methodical manner to submit the information required by the Australian immigration agencies and authorities. We can guarantee that the application forms have been filled out correctly. We prepare written submissions aiming to assist migration officers in decision-making. We can assess your letters of reference and other documentation and ensure that they comply with the standards.

We present this evidence in such a way so that it maximises your chances of success in your visa application. We have many years of experience of doing this.

Why should I hire you as my migration agent?
We provide highly skilled professional service and have necessary university qualification and on-going training, experience and registrations as required by Australian government.

We will give your case as much time and attention as it is needed. We reply to my clients’ emails and phone calls within the same or next business day at the latest.

Our professional fees are very reasonable and structured in a just and fair manner.

Do I have to pay all fees in advance?

The payment plan we offer divides the application process to distinctive stages and we never further payments without achieving results or having the job done in the previous stage.

Can you guarantee success of my application?

No. No lawyer or migration agent can promise success of an application. We have however a very high rate of success with our clients’ applications even in very complex cases. We have successfully helped a number of clients whose hopes had been exhausted and they were ready to leave Australia.

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