Visa 189

“My name is Knight, originally from Thailand. I am a medical practitioner working in an Adelaide hospital. I write to thank Mark Sekerin for the excellent service I received when he assisted me in my 189 visa application.

Although I knew that as an Australian graduate, I could get Australian permanent residency, I didn’t know where to start and didn’t have time to explore my options. Mark assessed my situations during our first consultation, and his assessment of my situation was correct in every detail.

I don’t recall exact details of the process, but after I passed IELTS and engaged Mark in last days of May 2014 there was not much I had to do. Mark provided me with document list along with information where to go and how to get these documents, the list was exhaustive and Mark never asked for additional documents. After I provided documents, the only other request was to go through medical tests, and the visa was in my hands 23 September, just in 3.5 months after I signed contract with Mark.

Mark is an absolute professional in what he does and I have no hesitation in recommending his very reliable services.”

Knight, Medical Practitioner (Thailand)

Visa 190

Mark looked after my entire migration process. I am Germany qualified metallurgical engineer, but needed to earn more of work experience to get enough points. During this time Mark obtained my skills assessment, and prepared everything so there was no delay once I become eligible to apply.

Mark was always happy to answer all my questions in full and spend as much time as needed to explain what is happening and why and how we need to get this document or that.

I am so happy that I chose to use Mark’s help, his advice was always conclusive and clear, and the results of his assistance speak for themselves.

Lana, Metallurgist (Germany)

Visa 458

My situation was complex because I could only apply for visa 485 under an occupation in which I would not be able to find a job in South Australia and accumulate work experience needed for state sponsorship. In addition, my actual job was in a different field.

I wanted to lodge my applications myself but was unsure if the chosen passway will work. I consulted with Mark on several occasions, and find his advice invaluable and vital for the success. Our phone and email conversation were always detailed and extensive, and saved me so much time and nerves. They were also good value for money because I did everything myself but with Mark’s guidance.

After I got my 485, I went overseas to get married, and we needed to add my husband to the visa. Because he was refused an Australian tourist visa in the past due to a silly mistake, I decided not to risk and asked Mark to lodge the application.

We are now permanent residents and will always remain grateful to Mark for his help.

Mona, Biotechnologist (Egypt)

Visa 457 to 187

We came to Australia on a student visa but the occupation list changed and my wife could not apply for any visa with her Australian qualification. While she was studying horticulture, I worked in several part-time jobs but my last one was a Cabler on subcontract.

It came to a point when we realised that there are no chances for us to remain in Australia. Our student visas were coming to the end, we didn’t have enough money to study a course suitable for the new occupation list, we had two small children – and didn’t want to leave Australia!

We went to see Mark without much hope. He however discovered that because my subcontract is through the company, my company could sponsor me for a temporary work visa 457 – Cablers were on the list, my salary was above the threshold, the job had long-term prospects. I finished short term (2 months) pre-registration courses, had the trade registration. Because of this registration, I did not need to go through TRA skills assessment and did not have to sit English test at all! I always thought my English was the biggest problem in our visa process – up until Mark told me otherwise!

We believed Mark, and in 3-months after we saw him for the first time, we were on work visas 457 for 4 years. Of course, the visa depended on me remaining in the job, but luckily, everything went OK, and after two years Mark lodged new application for permanent visa with the similar sponsorship from my company. This time I only needed 5 in each of IELTS.

We are now Australian citizens, and very happy ones.

Needless to say that we would not be able to find the passway to Australian residency without Mark’s highly professional approach and expertise.

Thank you, Mark!

German and Anastasia (Israel)

Visa 188

Mark Sekerin assisted me with my application for visa 188 (Investor). My application was not completely straightforward because I needed to recover so much information and documents to support the application. Our conversations with Mark were always honest and up front, he dealt with the issues promptly and professionally. I really think that we won the case mostly due to his determination. On personal level, I find Mark very helpful and supportive.

Noah (United Kingdom)

Visa 188

From day one of working with Mark Sekerin, I had no doubts in his knowledge and experience. Mark had to go through and assess piles and piles of evidence for my business and investment activities over several years. The quality of his work was simply spotless, and my Significant Investor visa application was processed without additional requests or questions from the Department of Immigration.

L. (Russia)

Visa 600

Mark helped me to apply for permanent residency after few unhappy attempts I did on my own. He found the way to convince my employer to sponsor me for permanent visa in a very complex situation.

I continue to count on Mark’s services in brining my and my husband’s parents to stay with us in Australia on visitor visas. My parents feel treated as VIPs when Mark deals with them while preparing their visa applications, and I don’t need to worry about anything.

Aziza, Medical Practitioner (Uzbekistan – Adelaide)

Visa 500

I had to apply for a new student visa in Australia because my first visa was issued for one year less than it should have been. I discovered this just before the beginning of my last academic year and in less than a month before the expiry, and was in real panic.

Mark’s help was immediate. He gave me list of documents on the first consultation, and lodged my application next day. There was an issue with the automated grant of a bridging visa, Mark followed it up and the bridging visa was arrived the same day the enquiry went to the Department.

I first saw Mark 15 February 2017 and had the new visa 1 March.

Jaisharn (Malaysia)

Partner Visa

We used Mark Sekerin’s services in applying for Prospective Marriage visa, and find him extremely helpful during somewhat stressful but successful process.

Thank you Mark!

Luke and Margarita (Adelaide)

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